Monday, August 31, 2009

Living Room Fort

Tonight we made a "Boys Only" fort in the living room. Here, in this unflattering pic of my midsection, Graham, Korky, and I huddle and share some quality guy talk.

Girl spies are everywhere in our house, and as Pepper sniffed around and C.C. climbed all over the rooftop trying to gain access, Mama snuck in for a surprise attack.
Luckily Graham quickly pulled the flap down so she would not uncover any of our manly secrets.

After a brief conversation, and a 2 to 1 vote (Korky voted nay) it was decided to grant Mama special temporary access. It seemed only fair since it was her idea to build the fort in the first place, and she did bring out the kitchen chairs and bedspread, and well, basically built it herself.
Squeeze in Mama!

Ahhh- nice and cozy!

Now you have to imagine the entire scene- we are all hiding under the bedspread, the dogs have been exiled and have begun searching for a weak spot around the perimeter to get inside. Mama has brought the camera and this is only a few of a hundred pictures she took while we struggled to not only stay inside the enclosure, but to keep it from collapsing on us. I'm surprised none of us suffered a seizure from all the strobes of the flashes. We were having an excellent time laughing together.....Until......

"The Wonder Pets" came on.
Suddenly the T.V. that had been ignored in the backround played the opening theme for his favorite pre-bedtime show,and the game changed entirely. Graham wanted to not only enjoy the luxury of the fort, also watch his show while doing so.
But since the chairs were all being used, and the couches were outside the enclosure, where could he sit? Well there was only one possible solution for him.

My head. The next 20 minutes consisted of him climbing on top of me in the continuous struggle to get comfortable on my face. The more I resisted, the more he (and his Mama) laughed.

Oh well, it's nice to be needed.

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  1. I am crying at my desk reading this. Awesome.