Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Keeping Busy

On Saturday morning, Graham and I took and early trip around the neighborhood to check out the East end tag sales while Mama enjoyed some extra ZZZ's.

We found some really excellent bargains including a complete set of 1973 Sesame Street counting and alphabet books for a dollar, a brand new box of Crayola 64 count crayons (with built in sharpener) for a quarter, and a sandbox for 5 dollars. (I later found out that this fancy sandbox retails for 80 bucks!) We also found this vintage wooden kitchen sink/stove combo. Graham loves helping me with the dishes, so when I told Melissa about it, she agreed it was definitely worth the 10 dollars they were asking. (added bonus- 3 small shoe boxes of tin plates and pans included inside the cabinet!)

A little water, a little soap and he's happy as a clam.

Using a brush that's also a bubble wand makes things a bit more fun too!

I should note that not only is the kitchenette vintage, so is the apron he's wearing. It belonged to Aunt Abby back when she was just a little scrubber herself!

And last but not least, the story of our final find of the day includes a flashback to when Graham was just under a year old.
It was then that I took this photo of Graham at the hot tub store riding a pool float I jokingly dubbed "El Toro!, the widow maker".
He had no problem conquering the beast, and balance himself for the shot.
Little did I know that for only a dollar, one year later "El Toro!" would once again meet our young hero to extract his revenge!
Will our brave matador emerge victorious?

Well if by victorious you mean laughing hysterically while continually throwing himself off it, then YES!
If you listen closely you can hear Graham counting with me. The numbers aren't quite distinguishable yet, but he's getting there. (counting on his fingers also helps!)


  1. That apron served me well and I'm happy to pass it along.

  2. really, this whole family is just too cute and funny!! i love you guys.

  3. I am vey proud of all of you. You make a very nice family. It is hard to believe that we have had Graham as part of our lives for almost 2 years.