Thursday, August 6, 2009

Berkshire Bound

Jim and I packed up the 2 legged child and the 4 legged children to head to the beautiful Berkshires in Massachusetts.

Graham was thrilled to have his Aunts and Uncles as a captive audience but for the most part refused to sleep. It was challenging parenting, but with all the extra help, we made it through.

We did some sightseeing but the best parts were spending time with Mom, Dad, Abby, Jason, Amanda and Ethan. We played a lot of Bananagrams and Lobstah. Jim is the undisputed Bananagram champ. (Unless you allow cheaters to be champs. Then it is disputed -- by Mom.)

After he was disallowed from the Bananagrams table for eating an "N" tile, Graham made up his own game with Uncle Jase and Papa.

Oddly, Graham's fascination with the closet didn't end with the monster game. On multiple occasions he raided Jim's dresser drawer and hid boxers, socks and swim trunks in the closet as well. Who knows what a 21 month old is thinking?
There were other activities to keep us busy, too. Amanda gave Graham a banana pedicure to match hers...

Graham's pre-vacation love of chores continued on holiday-- in addition to sweeping and feeding the dogs, he insisted on helping Papa take them for their walks.

And we had a special visit from Aunt Jemima, or was it Rosie the Riveter?

Here comes dessert, delivered by our own (pudding) shot girl and her trusty sidekicks.

I can't be held responsible for the last video, but I will say it's for mature audiences and you all can make your own decisions!

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