Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yankee Doodle

While taking a golf cart ride during our visit to Lake Ontario, Graham, Jason and I found a woman setting up a pony ride for a kids party. We asked if we could show Graham the pony, and she not only let him pet her, she gave him his first horse ride!

Graham is a pro at holding onto the saddle horn since the coin-op one I have in our basement has the same kind of saddle, but I held his leg to help support him anyway. (He looks like he's going to fall off to the right because he's trying to pull away from me. Apparently Mr. Independent wants to do things for himself these days.)

Too cute. I may have to get a pony ride for his own birthday party!


  1. You left out the part where he was brave enough to hold on with one hand so he could wave to Uncle Jason while he rode. :)