Monday, July 20, 2009

Smarty Pants

Graham now runs and climbs. It's crazy good to see him so happy and self sufficient like never before. He's figured out how to walk up the stairs (and fall down them :( ) and even how to climb up the ladder of his slide. He is making his own little way in the world, and it's funny to come across him relaxing in front of the TV, or using his step stool to get a better look into the garbage.

He has his own "sign" for coloring... and most recently has made up a mouth movement that means... ICE CREAM (he is his father's son!). I will try to get it on video, but in the meantime, it looks like he is eating an ice cream cone. Pretty clear cut. And if we happen to drive by Dairy Queen, there's a lot of frenetic movement in the back seat. Each time the ice cream truck rolls into the neighborhood, we're in trouble!

Graham knows what he wants -- whether he's asking for Cheese, a drink of Tea, or an apple, don't try to trick him into something else or you will get an adamant NO! and sometimes a cold shoulder or a hand swipe (we're working on curbing the swiping...). He loves to cruise around inside the refrigerator, just to see what's there. Yogurt is always a favorite. Today, he tried some chocolate pudding for the first time. Aunt June reported it was a big hit. He refused to share even a single bite.
(this pic also features his 3rd big boy haircut. No tears this time, and Jill got a big thank you kiss!)

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