Saturday, July 4, 2009

A trip to Lake Ontario

Melissa, Graham, all 3 dogs and I piled into the car and went up to Lake Ontario this weekend where we met Abby, Jason and Grandma and Grandpa for a visit to Uncle Jack and Aunt Karen's lakeside cottage.

Although it was July, the chilly temperature suggested otherwise. The wild wind didn't help much either!

Inside, Aunt Karen entertained Graham with her electric keyboard/piano/synthesizer.

I cannot tell you all the amazing things this instrument can do, but Graham was all eyes on what buttons to push to make what sounds. If it involves music, he's all about it.

A special thanks to Jack and Karen- we had an excellent time!


  1. Love you matching patriotic family ensembles.

  2. A family tradition from Kathryn to Jeanine to Me ;)