Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Deer Walks into a Liquor Store and Says...

Abby, Jason and Rachael walked down to the park with us to catch the fireworks spectacular. We picked some prime seats, right outside the park and as time approached "dark thirty" we were amused by a renegade doe that stormed the liquor store and the Key Bank drive through. We are guessing this is the same deer we saw last week in the middle of Belmont Circle. She's brazen.

And when all that excitement died down, Graham decided on a major tickle attack.

Here's the video evidence that no one was safe:

Becky joined us and at long last, the baseball game wrapped up so the show could begin. Despite receiving a fair warning about the noise, the first big bang caught Graham off guard and he panicked, signing "drive, drive, drive" as fast as his little hands would go. I think he was having some sort of flashback to a previous life in 'Nam. Unfortunately I didn't get that on video...

Luckily, Papa talked him through it so we were able to stay and enjoy.

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