Thursday, June 18, 2009

Valleyview Spring Concert

We had a last minute invitation to the neighborhood elementary school concert last night. We showed up a late, narrowly avoiding making an entrance through the side door straight into the middle of the orchestra pit. (whoops!)

Emily and Kuoadio did a great job in the chorus. Graham kept waving to them while they sang, and don't tell the director, but Emily snuck in a couple waves back :).

The program featured some old favorites like You're a Grand Old Flag and a suite from The Sound of Music (I did-- per the norm-- tear up at Edelweiss... even sober it makes me cry ;)).

We also got to hear Allie play her flute with the band. Graham really liked seeing the band teacher wave his baton. His favorite piece was Amazing Grace-- which was (in G's opinion) great for dancing.

Here's a jiggley clip of Em and Kuod. Enjoy!

After the concert Graham had those super-rosy, my-the-gymnasium-was-warm cheeks. Too cute.

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  1. Congrats to the neighborhood musicians! That chorus sounds awesome. i'm hoping when I visit next I can get a little reenactment in the back yard. :)