Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Memorial Day weekend had our house filled with friends, fun and food. Ed, Anthony, Liz and Tom came up from Connecticut to help ring in the summer.
Here Anthony (a.k.a. "Uncle Bacci") and Graham enjoy a simple game of "Pick the petals off Mommy's daisies and blow them where they can be tracked into the hot tub"

I'm glad I got that pic early, because the flowers look nothing like that now!

Here Ed (a.k.a. "Uncle Cookie") and Graham share some educational time with magnetic letters on the fridge. Since this is a family forum, I'm unable to post pictures of the surprising words and phrases Graham taught Eddie.

Here's the gang in the backyard. On the left it looks like we've propped up Tommy's carcass for the picture, but he's really just leaning back in a futile attempt to avoid being in the shot.

Sadly, as the night progressed, the picture taking stopped and this is one of the only pictures we got of him. (Sorry Tom, but if it makes you feel any better we completely neglected to take pictures of Toby, Tony, Genevieve, Ted, Judy, Rachael, Wesley, Emily and Anna who were also a great part of the evening!) There were a lot of cameras there that night so if anyone has any photos they'd like to add, please send them along and I'll make another post for them.

Here Ed and Liz carefully scan the paper looking for upstate opportunities. (What are they looking for? Jobs? Real Estate? Love? We may never know...)

Memorial Day morning arrived and we made our yearly trip to Gilbertsville to watch the parade pass just outside The Major's Inn where we were married (7 years ago!) Here, proper respect is shown while the Star Spangled Banner is played

After the parade everyone made the traditional hike up the big hill to the cemetery where Melissa's cousin Jaci read the Gettysburg address. (well not everyone. Graham, Grandpa and I took the car around!)

Although she did an excellent job, Graham was much more interested in meeting all the dogs that were around.

After the services we said goodbye to our CT. friends and went over to Great-Grandma Shirley's for some home made goodies. Grandma Jean made her infamous blueberry buckle, and Aunt June made hot cinnamon buns that were just coming out of the oven when we arrived.

Here's Aunt Dawn, Great-Grandma Shirley, and Aunt June.

And here Grandpa Paul poses with his sisters.

Below are a few more shots from the weekend I wasn't sure how to work into the post, so I just tagged them on here at the end.

Grandma's chalkboard

Mmmm- Yogurt!

Visiting the firehouse

How much water can a diaper hold?

Morning face

Monsters! Grrrrrr!

Splashing in the sun!

Thanks to everyone who helped make the weekend great! The summer's just starting, and we hope to have many more fun filled BBQ's now that it's finally here!


  1. Great photos! But remember I'm from Rochester!

  2. You're a nutmeger at heart, Lizzie. :)
    Can I get a copy of Graham making his morning face? Love that.

  3. I think there's a market in petal-less daisies...and we were told that there were organic hot tub cleaners.
    Uncle Bacci

  4. so great to see you this past weekend. Thanks for coming for Jeff's birthday - it was a great way to spend the day and Graham was super cute! oxox Alecia

  5. Had a great time - thanks!