Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fun with Food

Graham and I have played a strange game for a few months now, where we hold a straw in our teeth and growl like dogs as we tug-o-war. It helps keep him quiet in restaurants and it's kind of funny to watch him shake his head left and right like Korky does.
Here we tried it with a piece of celery. (For the record, Graham hated the celery. It broke off into stringy bits that he promptly put on my plate)

Later as Melissa was shucking corn for dinner, Graham decided to try it for himself, but as she finished each ear he'd discard the one he'd already gnawed on and go for a new one. (all our corn that evening had sample bites taken) Melissa finally persuaded him to take just one half of one to the picnic table. He never made it past the walk.

Uncooked, unbuttered, unsalted, and unbelievably delicious.

Here's a quick video. I've never seen him so focused before.
Poor Korky never had a chance.

On a side note, this exact corn when cooked and cut from the cob was left uneaten on his plate. Go figure.

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