Sunday, May 10, 2009

You are so beautiful

Grandma Jean has given Graham some of those musical cards over the past few holidays and they have always delighted him, but when she gave one to Melissa for Mother's day his reaction was quite unexpected. (and it happens every time he plays it!)


  1. This was a more relaxed shot, he usually wells up and cries softly like it's the saddest thing he's ever heard.
    Poor little Mr. Sensitive.

  2. The first time we thought was teary eyed because I got a card and he didn't... who would have guessed that it was actually because he found Joe Cocker so moving? LOL adorable.

  3. A boy after my own heart. Joe always gets me too.

  4. I miss you guys! :(

    Jim, you get the same expression on your face that my husband gets when River does something cuddly with him. It's the expression of a loving father!