Sunday, May 3, 2009

William Wants a Doll part II

Graham likes to walk (still holding our hands) and he has his own ideas about where we should go. Just yesterday morning as we headed out from the Latte Lounge he thought we needed a detour to the toy store across the street. I thought, OK, for now he doesn't realize the potential to bring home every toy he sees, so what's the harm. Of course when he took interest in the "disappearing milk baby bottle" I couldn't say no.

Yes, it's pink. And no Jim, they didn't have any non-pink doll bottles. Sorry. But Graham has had a great time experimenting with it. Graham has given Sock Monkey a little extra attention since we brought the bottle home. I keep telling him, he's going to be a great Father, just like his Papa!
It's a little perplexing how no milk actually comes out, so, he keeps trying to drink it himself. Oh and he keeps trying to "refill" it from his own big bottle, as if it just needs a little priming.

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  1. All of the Free to be You and Me is paying off! He's too darn cute. I always found the disappearing milk bottles a bit perplexing myself. Where does the milk go?