Sunday, May 31, 2009

Solar Powered

Another little drawstring bag... this one holds clothes pins for our new backyard clothes line built by my crafty husband! I want to paint the 4x4s. Do you think Jim will let me do polka dots? We were able to get 5 loads dried outside this weekend, including some sheets that smell SO GOOD. The towels are scratchy; they may need to get a start in the dryer so we don't over-exfoliate :).

***Note from Jim- Melissa failed to mention her ulterior motives for this kind of clothesline. Apparently it will also be used as a theatrical stage (4 lines means there's room for a curtain and a backdrop!), as well as a fort frame for overnight camp outs. (or as a cozy place for me to sleep when I'm not allowed in the house.)

Another side note, while digging one of the holes needed for the posts, my shovel suddenly fell about 2 feet into a deep cavern. After panicking and checking to be sure I didn't dig a hole into my cellar or something, I discovered I had tapped into a giant woodchuck burrow, so while the right post only needed a half bag of concrete, the left one took a bag and a half, plus some creative sheet metal forming to hold the concrete in place. Hope Mel likes this thing because it's going to be there for quite awhile!

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