Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dirty Sock Funtime Band

Melissa and I took Graham to see his first rock concert this weekend!
"The Dirty Sock Funtime band" has frequently appeared on "Jack's Big Music Show"(one of Graham's favorite TV shows), and he always lights up when we play their songs on the I-Pod.
Here's a pic of Mama and Graham outside the Proctor Theatre in Schenectady.

Graham was very excited prior to the show since we were only about 10 rows from the stage, and he could see the drums and horns set up. When the band came on though, the kid-filled crowd screamed excitedly and caused him a bit of alarm. As the show progressed, he got used to the flashing lights and noise and actually began enjoying himself. At one point the band asked everyone to stand up and dance/jump/wave your arms etc., and Graham and I really rocked out. Here we are inching down the side aisle towards the stage.

We actually got right up to the stage and he loved seeing the action, but when a female band member danced over to high five everyone, Graham gave her the ol' stinkeye and pointed at the stage demanding her to return. (He can be very bossy!) At one point he also held Melissa's hands down so she couldn't drum on the empty seats in front of us, and later when I tried to get him back in the action of the side aisle, he shook his head no and pointed to my seat telling me to sit down. (Apparently Mama & Papa were embarrassing him!)

Here's a shot of some of the band members (Annie, Stephen and Mike)-

After the show we bought Graham his first concert t-shirt, and got to meet "Mr. Clown," one of the vocalists.

All in all, Graham had a blast and I hope his interest in music continues to thrive. Who knows, maybe someday he may be the one on stage!

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