Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Merit Badges

Sunday night, Memorial Day Weekend was the traditional time of year for my mom to sew the previous year's Girl Scout badges onto our sashes. Just in time for the parade, a minute sooner would never do! I wonder where that sash is. And why she didn't make us sew them ourselves. (Thanks Mom for doing the dirty work.) It was always fun to compare which badges we had with the other girls (and doubly cool when I had more than someone else... yes, that's the pathetic Type A in me).

But for as many crafts, field trips and community service projects we did to get those badges, it was no where near as much work as this child raising thing has been. Parenting is hard core stuff-- just this morning, Graham threw up about 3 gallons of breakfast right into Jim's face because he didn't like being told no. (I have no idea where he gets his flair for the dramatic?!) And yet, what do we have to show for our efforts? No sash, that's for sure. OK, yes, yes, we do have this adorable little trouble maker but really, how can we get people to focus on our unique accomplishments of the last 18 months?

Enter Mama Merit Badges... yes, badges to commemorate the trials and triumphs of parenting.
I decided that 18 months of nursing, including pumping in the open air of the ladies restroom of the Philadelphia Phillies Citizens Bank Park (because there was no electrical outlet anywhere near a stall) earned me the Breastfeeding Badge.

And because I am 100% certain Graham and I would be completely lost with my devoted husband, I bought Jim the Diapering Badge. I will never be able to repay him for changing all but 2 diapers in the first month of Graham's life. Seriously. New baby diapers are so gross. So, thanks Honey. You can sew your badge on your Daddy Diaperbag and stand proud.

Of course, I want to have more badges than everyone else, so I have targeted the over the top Birthday Party Badge next. Keep an eye out for your gilded invitation in October and wish me luck!


  1. Are there any pictures of the vomit to the face episode?
    I expect to see you both wearing your sashes at the memorial day parade this year.

  2. No, no pics of the VI (or Vomitting Incident). I missed the whole thing here in the office. Came out to June telling me the boys were both in the shower to clean up. So glad I missed it. You know how throw up gets to me LOL

  3. I think I still have a blackberry and/or Cheerio lodged in my ear.