Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a house full of friends and family over today for our annual Easter get together.

Each year we hold an Easter themed contest, and this year was cake decorating. We are leaving it up to you to decide which is the best cake and which couple wins bragging rights for the year. To keep things fair, the creators of the cakes will not be disclosed until after the polls close, but for the record the teams were Melissa & Myself, Abby & Jason, Amanda & Ethan, Jeanine & Paul, and our friends Judy & Laurel.
Please review the entries and cast your vote to the right of the page. Comments are also welcome.

Here Graham has already begun his inspection of the entries which are listed below in no particular order.

Entry #1 "Rabbit Droppings" This cake is adorned with a coconut topping with chocolate eggs nestled in the center.

Entry #2 "Down on the Farm" has both vanilla and chocolate frosting with both white and dark chocolate candy animals. (A toy tractor has been added to sway Graham's vote!)

Entry #3 "He has a raisin" depicts Our Lord and Saviour holding his raisiny offering, ready to share with his bunny worshippers. It is a white cake with a delicious butter cream frosting.

Entry #4 "There's Gno place like Gnome" This creative cake includes a variety of both chocolate covered and sugared fruit.

Entry #5 "Tanked" This cake has a blue fondant as well as butter creme frosting, completed with a Sugar Babies base.


  1. I vote, "He has raisen". Such a clever title and anything with Jesus on top of a cake just makes me burst into giggles!

  2. I love that the bunnies are looking at Jesus. I also love the farm themed cake as well. They ALL look amazing. Jesus gets my vote too...he looks so stylish on top of the purple. Go Jesus! Rise up and WIN!

  3. Mosimoto said:
    I can't believe you let Laurel near any of these cakes. All are amazing....good job!

  4. Um excuse me, this is Laurel speaking and I behaved myself and maintained restraint...up until the very end. If you are talking smack about me and cakes, bring it and state your name!

  5. Hmmmmm...sounds like someone is very upset. I hope it's not because Chris is now calling me and bringing me frosting roll ups...

    love ya
    Man who styles hair to the side