Thursday, April 16, 2009

And the winner is...

"He has a raisin" By Melissa & Jim with a total score of 22 votes!
"Gno place like Gnome" by Abby & Jason fought it's way to second place, with a score of 15, barely beating "Down on the farm" by Jeanine and Paul which has come in third with a total of 12 votes.
A sincere shout out goes to "Rabbit droppings" creators Laurel & Judy who in fact had the best tasting cake in the contest, and "Tanked" by Amanda & Ethan, who should be commended for taking a risk with an untried fondant recipe that although did not secure a victory, was pretty tasty in it's own right.
Each year we get together and try some new Easter themed crafting. It has become a fond tradition for us, and one I hope to continue as Graham grows.
Abby found some pictures from Easter 2001, where our project was "Best Easter Bonnet", and I'm posting these below not to be judged, but because C.C. looks so darned cute in a hat.
(Korky refused to wear one, showing the only signs of dignity to be found that day!)

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  1. OK, those hats were HOT. Also, can you guys believe there were a total of 53 votes in the cake poll? Thanks to everybody who took the time to stop by and vote!