Friday, April 24, 2009

You Scream, I Scream

This is a kid that REALLY likes ice cream.

Be kind, this is my first attempt at editing a few clips together.

Rain Rain Go Away

My friend Lauren saved this adorable turtle raincoat for years waiting for Graham to arrive. Wasn't it worth it? Too cute.

Graham, 18 months

Graham had his 18 month appointment with Dr. Mooney today. She was pleased to see him walking around and yelling, which she assured us was normal for this age. OK, it's normal but can he stop? I'm getting a headache here, Doc! He's 25 pounds 10 ounces (50th percentile) and 34.75" (75th-90th percentile). That's where he fell last time, so he's nothing if not consistent (and loud).

He cried more before the shot than after, so we treated him to ice cream at Pie In the Sky.

I am so glad it's finally warm enough to go out and play. Here are some photo highlights of us trying to keep from going stir crazy during the last three months.

Enjoy the warm weather this weekend!

Nesting Dolls

One of Graham's Christmas presents (from 2008), almost finished...

The craft project list never seems to get shorter no many how many projects I complete. Next on the list are PJ pants for the 3 of us and the curtains I was suppose to put up in the winter to reduce energy costs....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Merit Badges

Sunday night, Memorial Day Weekend was the traditional time of year for my mom to sew the previous year's Girl Scout badges onto our sashes. Just in time for the parade, a minute sooner would never do! I wonder where that sash is. And why she didn't make us sew them ourselves. (Thanks Mom for doing the dirty work.) It was always fun to compare which badges we had with the other girls (and doubly cool when I had more than someone else... yes, that's the pathetic Type A in me).

But for as many crafts, field trips and community service projects we did to get those badges, it was no where near as much work as this child raising thing has been. Parenting is hard core stuff-- just this morning, Graham threw up about 3 gallons of breakfast right into Jim's face because he didn't like being told no. (I have no idea where he gets his flair for the dramatic?!) And yet, what do we have to show for our efforts? No sash, that's for sure. OK, yes, yes, we do have this adorable little trouble maker but really, how can we get people to focus on our unique accomplishments of the last 18 months?

Enter Mama Merit Badges... yes, badges to commemorate the trials and triumphs of parenting.
I decided that 18 months of nursing, including pumping in the open air of the ladies restroom of the Philadelphia Phillies Citizens Bank Park (because there was no electrical outlet anywhere near a stall) earned me the Breastfeeding Badge.

And because I am 100% certain Graham and I would be completely lost with my devoted husband, I bought Jim the Diapering Badge. I will never be able to repay him for changing all but 2 diapers in the first month of Graham's life. Seriously. New baby diapers are so gross. So, thanks Honey. You can sew your badge on your Daddy Diaperbag and stand proud.

Of course, I want to have more badges than everyone else, so I have targeted the over the top Birthday Party Badge next. Keep an eye out for your gilded invitation in October and wish me luck!

From his head to his toes

Graham is working hard at mastering his different faces... happy, sad, silly and SCARY! In fact, his bottom has even gotten into the game with his new Monster Pants which are too cute for words. (Look at that skinny little bum-- can you believe that's WITH a diaper?)

Will you wear the hat for a piece of chocolate?

I'll admit it. I'm not above bribing my child. But when even a piece of chocolate won't do the trick I have to wonder if he's genetically mine.
Grandma Jeanie made Graham an adorable pair of chocolate brown overalls with Japanese robot print accent and a matching newsboy cap for Easter. He actually wore the hat for about 47 seconds total all day, but for those 47 seconds, man, was he cute!

Yes, he is playing my hair clip as if it were a harmonica. When you're a scrappy newsboy you make do :). Note "Little Brother" in the background here, spiffily accessorized with a bunny bowtie...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

And the winner is...

"He has a raisin" By Melissa & Jim with a total score of 22 votes!
"Gno place like Gnome" by Abby & Jason fought it's way to second place, with a score of 15, barely beating "Down on the farm" by Jeanine and Paul which has come in third with a total of 12 votes.
A sincere shout out goes to "Rabbit droppings" creators Laurel & Judy who in fact had the best tasting cake in the contest, and "Tanked" by Amanda & Ethan, who should be commended for taking a risk with an untried fondant recipe that although did not secure a victory, was pretty tasty in it's own right.
Each year we get together and try some new Easter themed crafting. It has become a fond tradition for us, and one I hope to continue as Graham grows.
Abby found some pictures from Easter 2001, where our project was "Best Easter Bonnet", and I'm posting these below not to be judged, but because C.C. looks so darned cute in a hat.
(Korky refused to wear one, showing the only signs of dignity to be found that day!)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a house full of friends and family over today for our annual Easter get together.

Each year we hold an Easter themed contest, and this year was cake decorating. We are leaving it up to you to decide which is the best cake and which couple wins bragging rights for the year. To keep things fair, the creators of the cakes will not be disclosed until after the polls close, but for the record the teams were Melissa & Myself, Abby & Jason, Amanda & Ethan, Jeanine & Paul, and our friends Judy & Laurel.
Please review the entries and cast your vote to the right of the page. Comments are also welcome.

Here Graham has already begun his inspection of the entries which are listed below in no particular order.

Entry #1 "Rabbit Droppings" This cake is adorned with a coconut topping with chocolate eggs nestled in the center.

Entry #2 "Down on the Farm" has both vanilla and chocolate frosting with both white and dark chocolate candy animals. (A toy tractor has been added to sway Graham's vote!)

Entry #3 "He has a raisin" depicts Our Lord and Saviour holding his raisiny offering, ready to share with his bunny worshippers. It is a white cake with a delicious butter cream frosting.

Entry #4 "There's Gno place like Gnome" This creative cake includes a variety of both chocolate covered and sugared fruit.

Entry #5 "Tanked" This cake has a blue fondant as well as butter creme frosting, completed with a Sugar Babies base.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kiss Miser

Graham has been noticably stingier with his kisses of late. It was a special moment when he gave Jim 3 in a row on Monday. It might have had something to do with his allergies acting up. Or maybe he just knew Papa needed a little love.