Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kids Kingdom

This weekend we took a trip to Norwich to visit the Kids Kingdom, an insanely fun play place, where we met Kate and René, as well as Debbie and her son Tucker, one of Graham's friends from our play groups. Graham was a bit overwhelmed at first, with all the different activities and commotion going on. But soon all 3 boys were exploring the many different playthings they had to offer.

Here Tucker and Graham work on their musical skills.
Here they are mailing out the demo tapes. That's me in the background on lead guitar. Apparently they were unimpressed, and I was eventually cut from the band. :(
Tucker tries the slide! (note from Melissa: check out his super adorable pants that Debbie sewed :))
Graham's turn!
Please review the previous 3 pictures above for the next hour, and you'll get an idea of how much they liked it. Despite receiving constant electrical shocks from the static charge created by the slide they still wanted more.

Luckily Kate had brought some snacks to distract them. Here René and Graham catch up on things over some red pepper and carrot strips, and cookies. (note from Melissa: The carrots were from René's garden (they found some that survived the winter) and the cookies were baked by his Grandma! )
After snack, it was back into the fray to see what else we could discover.

What's this do? It does this! (and very rapidly too, thanks to Papa power!)
Next we tried the Dino rocker (also Papa powered) Faster! Faster! Ooops. Maybe a little too fast. Sometimes Papa gets carried away!
Although he looks like he's about to lose his peppers, he's actually just blowing Mama a kiss. To be on the safe side though, he went with her for the next bouncy adventure.
I had one of those bouncy things when I was a kid. They really need to make some of these things for adults.

Finally Graham worked on his cooking and cleaning skills.
I never saw a kid so happy to be doing dishes.
This place is scenic 45 minute drive from our house, and the cost of admission for Graham was only 6 bucks (parents get in free!) so I'm sure we'll be visiting again quite often. If anyone wants to join us, just let us know!

Graham's ready whenever you are.


  1. Yes, Aunties are free too. It was so much fun. YOu have to meet us there. You bring the snacks ;)

  2. If I'd known he was so into cleaning I would have waited until he got here to clean the house. Uncle Jason suggested swiffer wipes on his bum.