Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Erin Go Bragh

Happy Saint Patricks Day. Hope you all got your fill of soda bread and green beer! I made my first corned beef last week. It isn't usually a favorite, but I put a yellow mustard/brown sugar glaze on it and suddenly it tasted like a Bar-B-Q Beef Bun. What a coup!

We celebrated Saturday by attending a parade in Utica. Apparently Dolly Parton attended this same parade in a blizzard years ago, so we figured it was worth checking out.

The pipe bands were great and Jim got in a tussle to get us some beads. (The upstate NY parade-goers are hard core about their free candy and schwag.)

On a related note (Scottish, not Irish), I think Graham needs a kilt in the family tartan. How cute would that be? Jim has already put in a veto, so somebody please throw some support behind this great idea. (And does anyone remember if we are Graham of Menteith or not? I vaguely remember we aren't, but how do we confirm?)


  1. Uncle Bob or Grandma should know which Graham we are. I'm all for G getting a kilt. One of my friends at work got one for his son. It's adorable!

  2. Oh dear. I'm with Jim. Although it would be cute it could also be ammo in future therapy sessions. Feed him some haggas and call it a day!!

  3. he can borrow one of mine if that helps


  4. It builds character! and I think in the future he will be like, yeah, I'm cool. I've got a kilt. Now i totally know what I'm getting for all the Kerper boys. :)