Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jimmy John's

During our recent stay with the Kerpers in PA, Phil and I had a boys only luncheon at "Jimmy John's" in West Chester. Open since 1940, this place is not only famous for it's fantastic hot dogs and hamburgers but also for it's extravagant electric train displays. They have 2 main display cases with trains, Ferris wheels, carousels and many other animatronics that all spring to life for a quarter. They also have 2 trains that run along the back wall near the booth areas.
Although Graham doesn't walk yet, he does stand quite well, and was absolutely mesmerized at the activity.

Here's a shot of Ryan, Cole, and Graham at the back display near our table. You can see how a fist full of quarters can keep a kid occupied, for a few minutes at least.

Here's a quick clip of the action. It's not the greatest footage since we just got a new camera and I've yet to learn how it works, but it gives you the general idea of the loco-commotion.

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  1. Look at those little fellas all lined up! Too cute.