Monday, February 2, 2009

Celebrity Sighting

After a baby-screaming, long crazy drive in Friday night rush hour traffic on 76, we met Jay McCarroll, winner of BRAVO's Project Runway Season 1 at Spool on South Street in Philly!

Jay was there to show off his new line of quilting weight fabrics-- adorable bugs, whimsical woodland creatures-- cute and little boy appropriate which can be a hard combo to come by. Best of all, it is super soft. They had a lot of sample projects to showcase the lines, along with some snacks and prize drawing. It was a nice spread. Oh, and Jay also has a new movie coming out, so look for that if you are a fan.

So here's the cool part, yes we talked to him and yes, he is just like you would think-- sarcastic, self deprecating... (me: Graham, you've met your first celebrity; J: F-listers like me aren't celebrities; me: We're from upstate NY... you count). He thinks Graham looks "old" like an old fashioned little kid. Specifically, he thinks he looks like Teddy Roosevelt. Jim didn't think this was such a good thing, but hey, Teddy was was a Rough Rider wasn't he? Cool hat and chaps, environmentalist? Am I wrong about this? Anyway, after discussing chlidbirth (he thought we should have at least 5 more since he is one of six... I explained that they don't just "pop out") and the Sherburne Pageant of Bands (which both his and my sisters marched in), we went along our way. Here's a pic of us with my co-worker Steph:


  1. Very cool. Jay will always be my favorite. I'm sure the annual viewing of a bazillion awkward teens in polyester band uniforms inspired him to go into fashion and make something better. I'll be waiting for his (band) pageant line to come out.

  2. I love Jay! Did you bring up a fashionable merkin line with him?

  3. OK, I will definitely need to schedule a follow up meeting with him to discuss all of these opportunities. Why did I waste time talking about dead presidents?

  4. FUN! I wonder when Graham will start to remember all of the cool things that he does.