Monday, January 12, 2009

Ten Inches of Snow

We got walloped with a beautiful snow storm this weekend. I say that because I didn't do any shovelling, but instead enjoyed it from the cozy living room.

The dogs were happy to leap through it all-- even CC didn't complain too much, until we locked them in the kitchen to dry off. Apparently the linoleum floor isn't up to her standard of comfort. Graham like chasing around all the snowballs they brought in, but after he mopped the floor with his bottom once, I wasn't willing to let him try it again.
Graham was happy to wave out the window to the neighborhood kids but sad when they moved across the street for some serious sledding. I suppose by next winter that will be us. I need to get some boots and snowpants. I hate getting cold snow on my socks.


  1. Just save you wonder bread bags and put those over your feet inside your boots.

  2. Oddly enough that's exactly what I was thinking around 4 am this morning when MiniGrumpy woke me up. I need to get some bread bags.