Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rough Seas

As Melissa mentioned below, our little pirate has been having a rough time of it lately.
He's not sleeping or eating that much, but he's wired with enough energy to power N.A.S.A's next shuttle mission.
Even feeding him has suddenly become a challenge, with him cringing like Dracula facing a crucifix at every offering. I think the dogs have eaten more of his food lately than he has. (You'd be surprised at the speed and distance this kid can throw.)
He may be just teething, or having a growth spurt, but I'm convinced it has something to do with his wild-child hairdo. It seems the more hair he gets, the more attitude he develops.
If it keeps up, I swear I'm gonna shave him bald by Sunday.

(OK, Maybe i'm just jealous, but why take chances?)


  1. This looks like a Hollywood mugshot. Maybe he should get at least a little trim before he looks anymore like Nick Nolte after a DWI arrest.

  2. Wow. I am a little nervous for my visit.

  3. Aww poor baby! It's Bridgette from storytime...heard you were looking for stuff to do during these cold winter days. Send me your email address and I can send you an invite to the Oneonta Baby site and there you'll find playdates and game nights and book club meetings, as well as discussion forums and such. My email is midgie_b_c@yahoo.com!