Sunday, January 18, 2009

Graham, 13, 14 and 15 months

Graham been a real pip the last couple weeks -- we're attributing this to the top molars that have finally broken through (so that's a total of 6 teeth on the top, but still just 2 on the bottom).

Here are some photo highlights from Halloween through Graham's (first) New Year haircut. Sending them out monthly has gone by the wayside, so I am going to attempt sending them quarterly; I hope I can handle it!

At his 15 month check up on Friday Graham weighed in at 24.9 lbs, and measured 32.5" long (50% and 90% respectively). He really likes kissing everyone (including the dogs) and he loves singing and rocking out on his little piano and bongo drums. To answer Uncle Robin's question in advance, no he doesn't talk yet, but he does communicate with more than 20 sign language signs, which is great.

We're having a lot of fun!

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