Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Family Fun

I surprised Jim and Graham by taking an impromptu day off last week. We started out at Latte Lounge, where Graham threw himself into his signature drink: Steamed Vanilla Milk.
He couldn't get through the foam fast enough and ended up with a white nose.

From there we headed to the library for Storytime. It was a big day because G was promoted to the 2nd level class for 15 months and above. It was lots of fun, because it allowed him to reunite with all his little friends who had already moved ahead. For the first time he didn't sit quietly by us on the floor but scooted around the Children's section and even tried to break into the Circulation Office a few times. What we didn't know about this class, is that along with stories and bubble time there's a playtime where they get to use the blocks and sorting toys, which he loved. He was literally right in the middle of it and didn't have a care about where we were! Crazy. Our little guy is growing up...

We packed up from the library and headed for Albany. Graham used the downtime to take a little nap so he was raring to go when we arrived at the State Museum. It was great to see the Adirondack exhibit -- the taxidermy bears, moose and deer. It's hard to believe they've been there since I was a kid, but they are still so cool to see. The moose is enormous!

We were treated to a lunchtime jam session featuring Celtic music. It was exciting to show Graham a violin, mandolin and guitar up close; and the musicians were happy to talk with us since it was a very loose format. Apparently they do some family dances, so I hope we can check that out this spring.

We took a ride on the 1912 carousel (which was awesome, although I felt a little seasick riding sideways!) and Graham gave his pony a smooch when we were done.

Our day ended in the NYC exhibit with the old subway car and Sesame Street. Graham was pleasant all day (a nice break from the teething crankiness); we had a super time.

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