Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If You're Scary and You Know It

Jack's Big Music Show has permeated every iota of our daily lives. Just yesterday I was singing "If you are happy and you know it" and G started growling. It took a minute for me to realize he associated that tune with the Scary Monster episode:

Henry is unable to achieve the full expression of scary, which is a big problem for a monster. The band spends the day showing him how music expresses emotions, thinking maybe that will help Henry connect with his monstrous heritage.
We sang it to him about a dozen times, with the Roars growing each time. Of course, when we brought out the camera, he was over it. Here are a couple outtakes for his adoring fans:

Family Fun

I surprised Jim and Graham by taking an impromptu day off last week. We started out at Latte Lounge, where Graham threw himself into his signature drink: Steamed Vanilla Milk.
He couldn't get through the foam fast enough and ended up with a white nose.

From there we headed to the library for Storytime. It was a big day because G was promoted to the 2nd level class for 15 months and above. It was lots of fun, because it allowed him to reunite with all his little friends who had already moved ahead. For the first time he didn't sit quietly by us on the floor but scooted around the Children's section and even tried to break into the Circulation Office a few times. What we didn't know about this class, is that along with stories and bubble time there's a playtime where they get to use the blocks and sorting toys, which he loved. He was literally right in the middle of it and didn't have a care about where we were! Crazy. Our little guy is growing up...

We packed up from the library and headed for Albany. Graham used the downtime to take a little nap so he was raring to go when we arrived at the State Museum. It was great to see the Adirondack exhibit -- the taxidermy bears, moose and deer. It's hard to believe they've been there since I was a kid, but they are still so cool to see. The moose is enormous!

We were treated to a lunchtime jam session featuring Celtic music. It was exciting to show Graham a violin, mandolin and guitar up close; and the musicians were happy to talk with us since it was a very loose format. Apparently they do some family dances, so I hope we can check that out this spring.

We took a ride on the 1912 carousel (which was awesome, although I felt a little seasick riding sideways!) and Graham gave his pony a smooch when we were done.

Our day ended in the NYC exhibit with the old subway car and Sesame Street. Graham was pleasant all day (a nice break from the teething crankiness); we had a super time.

Amanda Matador On Top

It was a heated contest with many votes changing midstream, but in the end Amanda Matador's cute quotient could not be denied!

The final tally in our inaugural popularity poll:

Amanda 42%
Melissa 31%
Jim 26%

I think I only pulled into 2nd because I whined to my husband and he stuffed the ballot box. But I am ok with it :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

RIP Allie Jo

We were lucky to have our little sister nearly 16 years. She loved ice cubes and frozen blueberries. And snootsing on Abby. And snuggling in bed even when she knew Dad would yell at us both (her side came out of the middle). She knew the sound of my first car, and I would take her for a ride to Pochy Rd. just so she could enjoy the wind in her nose. Even in her old age she bounced like a puppy when we pulled in the driveway.

And just when you thought she didn't care to learn new tricks, she put up with Graham's hairpulling since he liked to share his dinner.

We are grateful that she passed quietly and without difficult medical decisions.

Allie Jo, you are a good girl. We love you.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Graham, 13, 14 and 15 months

Graham been a real pip the last couple weeks -- we're attributing this to the top molars that have finally broken through (so that's a total of 6 teeth on the top, but still just 2 on the bottom).

Here are some photo highlights from Halloween through Graham's (first) New Year haircut. Sending them out monthly has gone by the wayside, so I am going to attempt sending them quarterly; I hope I can handle it!

At his 15 month check up on Friday Graham weighed in at 24.9 lbs, and measured 32.5" long (50% and 90% respectively). He really likes kissing everyone (including the dogs) and he loves singing and rocking out on his little piano and bongo drums. To answer Uncle Robin's question in advance, no he doesn't talk yet, but he does communicate with more than 20 sign language signs, which is great.

We're having a lot of fun!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cute headband

Amanda and I spent today at the sewing machine. She made some cute throw pillow covers and we worked on a bunch of headbands from this free tutorial. See how crooked my nose is? Now you know why I never let you look at me from this angle ;).

Abby's New Puppy

I made this wall hanging for Abby (HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY SIS!) with a screenprint I bought from a designer on etsy. It's like a searchable 24/7 craft show and the prices aren't bad. Many will even take custom requests (like this one). If you can't make it yourself, it's a great place to shop.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Snip Snip

Graham got his first hair cut today! He sat very patiently on my lap while his stylist Jill did her thing. Luckily chewing on her comb kept him from making too many quick moves.

He must have been pleased with her work; he paid in kisses when she was finished!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jungle Jim

The winter weather has us a little stir crazy. There's been some improvising to keep everyone in good spirits, like last night we played catch with a cataloupe and then Graham used Papa like a slide.
****edit- you can see here, he actually is happy...

Amanda = Matador

I have no recollection of when we had this picture taken. Was it a photobooth at Dave and Buster's?

The Last Holiday Gift

I finally finished the last one, a sun hat for Liz. She chose the fabric, so needing her input was my excuse for not having it done for the holiday (and if that wasn't a good excuse, I probably could have come up with another!)
Hope you like it Liz! And now dear readers, who do you think wears the Liz Hat better? Please vote in our survey to the right.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rough Seas

As Melissa mentioned below, our little pirate has been having a rough time of it lately.
He's not sleeping or eating that much, but he's wired with enough energy to power N.A.S.A's next shuttle mission.
Even feeding him has suddenly become a challenge, with him cringing like Dracula facing a crucifix at every offering. I think the dogs have eaten more of his food lately than he has. (You'd be surprised at the speed and distance this kid can throw.)
He may be just teething, or having a growth spurt, but I'm convinced it has something to do with his wild-child hairdo. It seems the more hair he gets, the more attitude he develops.
If it keeps up, I swear I'm gonna shave him bald by Sunday.

(OK, Maybe i'm just jealous, but why take chances?)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pearly Whites

Molars are threatening on the NW quadrant. Let's hope they move in quickly as we've seen more frowns than smiles this week.

Ten Inches of Snow

We got walloped with a beautiful snow storm this weekend. I say that because I didn't do any shovelling, but instead enjoyed it from the cozy living room.

The dogs were happy to leap through it all-- even CC didn't complain too much, until we locked them in the kitchen to dry off. Apparently the linoleum floor isn't up to her standard of comfort. Graham like chasing around all the snowballs they brought in, but after he mopped the floor with his bottom once, I wasn't willing to let him try it again.
Graham was happy to wave out the window to the neighborhood kids but sad when they moved across the street for some serious sledding. I suppose by next winter that will be us. I need to get some boots and snowpants. I hate getting cold snow on my socks.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Please don't tell him the slippers are on his feet. I am not sure how he doesn't realize they are there, but for now the toes are warm, so let's just keep it between us.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

"No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!"

Is it just me, or does Graham's new hat make him look like Cardinal Fang from the Monty Python sketch? It makes me laugh every time I see him in it.

If you have no idea what i'm talking about, you can watch it here.

Move over Sandra Lee

Our kitchen was smokin' hot this week:
  • homemade vanilla ice cream

  • waffles on the new waffle maker

  • stuffed french toast

  • pork roast with granny smith apple and sage sauce

  • cubano pressed pork sandwiches

  • chicken parm with panko bread crumbs

Can we order out tonight?


Keeping all the houseguests in line was a thankless job. Luckily, Korky was able to find a little time to relax.

Rub a Dub Dub

It warmed up enough on New Years Day for a quick jaunt in the hot tub.


The DAC executive team joined us for an end of the year celebration. In the midst of the fun, they recruited a new member or 2. I am still not joining facebook. And you can't make me!

Out with a bang

The New Year's Eve fireworks were specatacular. And cold.