Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Train

It was a really busy weekend. We took Graham down to the park to see the Christmas Train as it rolled into town.

Canadian Pacific uses the rails that come through town for several freight trains a day. Each December, they bring in a train decked out with Christmas lights that has a band on board. They open up the side of the boxcar for a concert-- the only cost of admission is to bring a can of food for the local food pantry... and on top of that CP Rail made a $1000 donation to our local food bank. In 10 years they've raised 3 million dollars and 1.6 million pounds of food with this effort for many local food banks. Pretty amazing. Plus they serve hot chocolate!

After some initial shock of seeing a rapping Santa, Graham really got into the show, dancing with Grandma, Papa, Abby, Amanda and Rebecca and Christine Bellinger. Then we hurried home to watch the train, all lit up, cross beyond our back yard.

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