Thursday, November 6, 2008

Too much sugar...

Is bad for your eyes!

Halloween was a big hit for Graham. Our first stop in the neighborhood was across the street to see our friend Maria and her little chihuahua Coco, who was appropriately dressed as Dracula.

The trick-or-treat bag Melissa made for him worked great, and I scored a Kit-Kat and a bag of M&M's. (Uh... I mean HE did.)
After we hit a few more local houses, we went to Wesley's house for her annual Halloween party.

It was chock full of hyper-active kiddies amped up on sugar. You can imagine the chaos. Graham loved it.

This pic is from the night before when we helped carve pumpkins. Much like Korky, C.C. and Pepper, Wesley's cat Killer is another of Graham's favorite toys.

Also like the dogs, Killer is extremely tolerant of Graham's tough love.

Afterwards we went to the Oneonta Halloween Parade. This is really one of my favorite things about living here. All the kids march down Main street in costumes. It was really fun to see.

So much in fact, I neglected to take any pictures.
Here's a few of us on the way back to the car though.
The highlight of Graham's Halloween was a card given to him by Grandma Jean.

Despite 7 days of constant playing and replaying, the batteries in this thing are still going strong,
and I'm beginning to think this tune will be forever embedded in my head.

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  1. this kid is so cute it's lethal! I'm going to need a poster size shot of him in the glasses.