Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Thoughts

The boys are napping, the stuffing and the parsnips and squash are in the oven. Soon enough we'll pack up the car and head to the farm for a big dinner. I am taking a few minutes to watch the parade. Some of the singers they have on here perplex me... for example when was the last time Rick Astly had a hit? At any rate, I would be remiss to not mention how grateful I am for the blessings we enjoy, not the least of which is our friends and family. We love you all, near and far xxoo

We've been a little deliquent with the blog in the last few weeks, so I have prepped a couple posts to catch you up. Enjoy your post-turkey debauchery!

The Nutmeg State

We took a trip to CT for a little business and a lot of fun. We had a great time with the Strolin cousins. Graham and Great Gram snuggled up to get reacquainted.

Big Stuff

A quick visit to the Steen's landed us with a Santa Sleigh full of big enough clothes for Graham this winter. Thanks guys!

I wish I had taken my camera in with us, Erick and Susan haven't aged one bit, but Nathanial and Augusta are all grown up! (And sweet as can be.) They played with Graham and introduced us to Boots, their friendly puppy that gave Graham lots of kisses. (in his open mouth)

Funny Uncles, Tiny Babies

We had a super special lunch last Saturday at Pellici's. We had a lot of fun with Uncle Baci and Uncle Cookie... and we finally got to meet Maya and Gabriella (click to see their adorable new pics)! These cuties are SO LITTLE! Aunt Alecia looks great. She and Uncle Jeff are naturals when it comes to this baby stuff. Here's Jeff pretending to share his dessert (it was really all show).

We're just hoping Alecia bahaves herself on Thanksgiving this year :).

Tasty Toes

With a little prodding he will try just about anything!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Busy weekend

We took a trip to the Fly Creek Cider Mill on Saturday, where we tested and tasted all kinds of fresh goodies. I highly recommend a stop here when visiting up this way.

On Saturday night we helped Grandma T. at the annual Morris Church Harvest Supper. To be honest, Mel helped in the kitchen, Graham and I just wandered around and looked adorable. It's a tough job, but somebody had to do it.

On Sunday morning we got up super early and drove over to the farm to have breakfast with Aunt Amanda before she went home. She surprised Melissa with a belated birthday gift that Graham was all too eager to help open.

Yay! New shoes!

Not his size though, and they do nothing to help slim the baby belly he's got showing.
Amanda also brought Graham a new tambourine that had to be shelved for the morning because Allie Joe repeatedly tried to eat it. (He loved banging it around at home though- Thanks Amanda)
Then we had a delicious breakfast of apple cider doughnuts (from the mill), a fresh blueberry buckle made by Grandma, and Amanda made some yummy eggs, with only a hint of shell in them (Just the way I like!) Grandma also served a bowl of blueberries she saved especially for Graham. Yay Grandma!
Not be be outdone, Grandpa not only shared his eggs and oatmeal-
He did so with a with music! (A sure way to win Graham's smile)
What more could you ask for on a Sunday morning?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Too much sugar...

Is bad for your eyes!

Halloween was a big hit for Graham. Our first stop in the neighborhood was across the street to see our friend Maria and her little chihuahua Coco, who was appropriately dressed as Dracula.

The trick-or-treat bag Melissa made for him worked great, and I scored a Kit-Kat and a bag of M&M's. (Uh... I mean HE did.)
After we hit a few more local houses, we went to Wesley's house for her annual Halloween party.

It was chock full of hyper-active kiddies amped up on sugar. You can imagine the chaos. Graham loved it.

This pic is from the night before when we helped carve pumpkins. Much like Korky, C.C. and Pepper, Wesley's cat Killer is another of Graham's favorite toys.

Also like the dogs, Killer is extremely tolerant of Graham's tough love.

Afterwards we went to the Oneonta Halloween Parade. This is really one of my favorite things about living here. All the kids march down Main street in costumes. It was really fun to see.

So much in fact, I neglected to take any pictures.
Here's a few of us on the way back to the car though.
The highlight of Graham's Halloween was a card given to him by Grandma Jean.

Despite 7 days of constant playing and replaying, the batteries in this thing are still going strong,
and I'm beginning to think this tune will be forever embedded in my head.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Change is coming!

Yes We Can

The best parts of yesterday:
  1. Taking Graham into the voting booth and explaining to him that those words said "Barack Obama"
  2. Graham totally ignoring me, instead trying to play peek a boo from inside the voting booth curtain

  3. Hearing Barack Obama talk about his promises, including the one where he'll get his daughters a puppy

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Another Gift

My cousin Sarah's baby shower was today. I didn't attend since there was a conflict with plans for my birthday revelry but I did sew this blanket and send it along. It's pictured here with here with the Rocketeer (aka my sewing machine).