Monday, October 20, 2008


We had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa Tourtellotte; Aunties Amanda and Abby and Uncles JRod and Ethan in Williamsburg VA. I am sure Jim will have something to add to my post but the highlights for me were:

Graham helping Grandpa style his hair

Grandpa calling Jim a horse's a double s

Crafting with JRod (and everybody else, too, but JRod had the most passion)

Abby and I styling Amanda's hair in a side pony as a tribute to bacations of the past (Ed I will email pics of this to you directly, it would be unfair to Amanda to post them here :))

Grandpa and Graham chilling out at the resort

Abby modelling Graham's birthday present--

SHE MADE THAT! So cute..

and best of all, just hanging out all with the people we love!

Thanks Mom and Dad for a terrific time.


I am posting the Amanda "Bump-It' pics because not only was it one of my favorite parts of the trip, but also because she looks so darn cute. :P

See? Perfection! It's hard to believe there's about 6 plastic hair clips under all that.

Other highlights for me were the visit to Jamestown where we had luch by the water-

Graham meets his first horse-

and of course enjoying all the rest and relaxation!

When's our next vacation? I've only been back to work for 3 days, and i'm already ready for it!

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