Thursday, October 2, 2008

We like Ike!

Last night Jason and I went to the pre-opening of the Eisenhower Theater at the Kennedy Center. This is the theater renovation I worked on about a year and half ago. It's not completely finished but it is looking nice. We saw the dress rehearsal of "Broadway: three generations". We only stayed through the first hour which was Girl Crazy by Gershwin. The other shows were Bye Bye Birdie and Side Show.

The highlight, besides seeing what I'd worked on was Shirley Jones! (mom from the Partridge family) She was the special guest MC. Very exciting. They started the performance with someone on the loud speaker saying, "Ladies and Gentleman, Shirley Jones." And when she walked on stage I turned to Jason and said, "It really IS Shirley Jones!" I guess I thought they were just kidding. Apparently Shirley narrated Bye Bye Birdie so was out on the stage for that full performance. Sorry we missed that.

Anyways, here's a link to the write up from today's Post talking about the new space. I wouldn't really classify it as a review.

Here are a couple shots of the theater. I did a lot of detailing of the wall panels and the railings, which are not 100% done yet. There are railing panels still missing. And I also worked a lot on the pit lift and the front of the stage they mention in the article, but that was covered with seats so we haven't seen that in action yet.

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