Friday, October 31, 2008

Sock Monkey tricks and treats

Graham got dolled up first thing this morning in his overalls, sweater and red sneakers.
Graham was uninterested in the hat so Jim wore it. What a cute Papa!

The white socks were too thick, so we went with red ones. And they finally made it out the door... The first treats came from our friend Martha the nurse at Dr Mooney's office-- Gold Fish crackers!

The tail was finished during my lunchbreak so he'll be ready to go this evening.
Special shout out to Aunt Abby for making the hat and sweater and to my mom for sewing the overalls. As Jack and Mary would say, "You Guys Rock!"

Have fun tonight and don't eat too much candy so you get a belly ache!


  1. It was my pleasure to help make the monkey. Maybe he'll be more interested in the hat at a later date.

  2. While Graham rested in his car seat I was stopped at a red light on Main street and I got a snarky look from some old man. I wondered what the hell his problem was, and then I realized I was still wearing the monkey hat. Somehow when you're not carrying a kid and his sock monkey, the hat just makes you look like a freak.

    Think i'll wear it to work tonight!

  3. Don't let any of the crazies steal it from you. :)