Monday, October 27, 2008

Sock Monkey Celebration

I'll leave the party play-by-play to my husband and master of ceremonies, but I am pleased to report the sock monkey party games, gift bags, decorations and cake were all ready in time and were enjoyed by guests of all ages. It was great fun to do so many art projects last week in SO many mediums (even if they did keep me up until the wee hours). Thank you to all our friends young and old who helped us celebrate Graham's special day.

Above: Pinata.
Below: Cake; "Pin the Pompom on the Monkey"; Necklaces; Gift Bags.


  1. You are so clever and crafty! I bet the party was awesome.

  2. did jim make the pinata? the decor is awesome!

  3. Actually, Melissa made all the party stuff.
    I did fill the pinata though, and held it up for the kids.
    I also quality control tested the frosting and ate some of the cake.
    I do help in my own way.

  4. happy first b-day little g!

    you guys give martha stewart a serious run for her money...and are reinforcing something i told ab years ago as i struggled to complete one damn strand of popcorn for the xmas tree--the t crew (+ strolins, jeremiah) have got craftiness in their blood! so will the tv, magazine, etc. publishing/ production empire be launched this year or in '09? :)

  5. That is awesome! Thank you for posting the link. How did you make the pinata? My son is half Hispanic so I'd love to make him a monkey pinata for his birthday.
    Thanks again!