Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Graham!

Hooray! He did it! WE did it! One full year. It's hard to believe our tiny, helpless baby has become this adorable opinionated little boy. Saturday was a quiet day as we were recovering from our marathon drive back from VA. All the napping and cuddling reminded me of the early days when it felt like I never slept but we were always in bed, nursing or diapering or just staring at him as he breathed. For as much as so many lost in the stock market last week, I hope each of us can keep sight of what is really valuable and precious.
In between all the snuggles we managed to make it to Friendly's for breakfast where the waitresses fawned over the birthday boy and presented him with a breakfast ice cream (which we let him have, despite the time of day).

Since it was a special breakfast, he was also allowed to try a little of Papa's chocolate milk-

Here we are just keeping amused while waiting for our breakfast to arrive. It's amazing how something as simple as coffee creamer containers can be so much fun.

We capped the day with a yummy dinner at the farm made by Aunt June. Graham had a cream puff from Elena's to celebrate.

I think he wears it well!
The celebrating will continue (much to Graham's delight I am sure). Tomorrow is the 12 month doctor appointment so make your bets on his current weight now. Then next weekend is the birthday party with the neighborhood kids. Wish me luck... I've completed the sock monkey necklaces for the attendees and the goody bags are complete... at present I am in the middle of making a pinata from scratch! Where is crafty Uncle Jason when I need him?

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