Monday, October 27, 2008

Graham's 1st Birthday Party!

Graham celebrated his first birthday with a gathering of friends, family and the neighborhood kids. Melissa spent the week preparing the decorations and games, but when everyone started to arrive she passed the baton. Lucky for everyone involved the weather was picture perfect. The adults enjoyed mulled cider in the living room while the kiddies and I played a fierce games: pin the pom pom on the sock monkey; bite the apple (side note, it is harder than it looks, just ask Logan);

and the ultimate test of endurance-- the sack race!

There was the requisite singing, a small amount of fire and chocolate, too.

The tear jerking moment of the day occured when the sock monkey pinata met his cruel fate reducing Graham quite literally to tears. He had been enjoying the monkey pinata's company in the kitchen all week, so his possible demise was pretty traumatic. Don't worry, his carcass was salvaged and he is healing up on the back porch. Soon enough he will be relegated to the basement where he will hang over the washing machine until Graham turns 18 and takes it with him to decorate his dorm room.

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