Sunday, September 7, 2008

William Wants A Doll

Free to Be You and Me was a favorite of mine (and of my sisters)-- pro-kid, pro-family, sing-able 70's tunes. I think our LP was a gift from Aunt Maria who also gave me an ERA NOW button that I was particularly proud to have. Little did she know how much we would enjoy those songs, and how often. It was a star player in the Sunday afternoon lineup (our other big favorite was a K-Tel record set called Superbubble, but that's a story for another time).

Lucky for Jim, when we got together he didn't have to learn all the songs from scratch. He knew them from the Free to Be You and Me TV special which I didn't even know existed (not so crazy, considering we only had 2.5 TV channels out in the country, but still...).

We've been sharing some of these favorite songs with Graham (remember Duddly Pippin and the No Friend Club or Ladies First?), so it seemed only natural to pull out my first baby doll for Graham to nurture. He gave her kisses and promptly chucked her across the floor. I'm going to focus on the kissing part and sing a refrain of Parents are People, so I can stay in my happy place!

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  1. OH my goodness!!!! That's just about the cutest thing ever. The way he's holding baby doll is a little concerning, but again, let's focus on the kisses. And you and me are free to me you and me!