Monday, September 29, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

We saw the Giant Pumpkins in Cooperstown yesterday. After the weigh-in they carve them into boats for a Regatta on the Lake.

They also have lots of tasty pumpkin treats to try, like pumpkin cake and pumpkin soup. I thought both were delicious. Graham and Papa definitely preferred the cake.


  1. He looks like pumpkin makes him want to throw up.

  2. He's actually holding the large portion of cake in his mouth in the firt pic!
    That's all part of his new feeding himself program. Stuff it in and hold it until you swallow.
    I tried it, and it works great. you can really get alot in there that way.

  3. Excellent technique. I bet it saves time to get your whole meal in your mouth in one shot.