Monday, September 29, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

We saw the Giant Pumpkins in Cooperstown yesterday. After the weigh-in they carve them into boats for a Regatta on the Lake.

They also have lots of tasty pumpkin treats to try, like pumpkin cake and pumpkin soup. I thought both were delicious. Graham and Papa definitely preferred the cake.

Graham's Little Chair

Graham got his birthday present a couple weeks early. So far CC has been enjoying the little chair as much as he has. It's great for reading stories and watching Baby Signing Time.

Happy Anniversary

1 year ago today I was very glad to NOT give birth by the chocolate fountain. I think the bride and groom were equally relieved.

Happy Anniversary Abby and JRod!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shh, it's a surprise!

Graham and Papa are starting to draw out the plans for our Halloween display. Good thing, too. People we don't even know have stopped us around the neighborhood looking for the inside scoop on what we have in store after the success last year.... there's a lot to be done before the big reveal!

Vocational Training

We think Graham may have a shot at a part time job during tax season (Anthony, are you hiring?) or maybe a bus boy position after school. He's got mad skills.

Crafting Progress

Jim put up shelves in my office closet, so I am finally able to pick through my fabric stash and have easy access to supplies. So far I have sorted out threads, fasteners, embroidery supplies and about half of my fabric. (Any ideas why I had 10 red and black 12" inch zippers? I can't even remember why I bought them all!)
In between the organizing, I finished up another item on the pending project list... gifts pictured here for two very special (soon to be born) people.
Side note, while sorting through my stash I ended up ADDING 2 more projects to the list I am trying to tick off. I am my own worst enemy!

The Princess and the Pea

We played host to Allie Jo and Scout last weekend. Scout normally chooses to sleep on the couch. We set up a dog bed for Allie Jo since her old bones won't let her jump up to a comfy spot, but apparently Scout had other ideas. You can see Allie has her one little paw on the corner as if to say, "Be that way, but you can't have it ALL to yourself you pushy little schnauzer."

Silver Queen

Grandpa shared some corn from the farmers' market he's been managing. The kernels were small and so sweet. Graham found his own way to maximize the effectiveness of his top teeth.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Graham, 11 months

Click here for a slide show from August and September.

Puppy Love

Graham has recently discovered the joys of pet ownership. He's playing catch with Korky; Pepper and CC are getting smothered, umm I mean they're getting a lot of hugs.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Rasta Mon

Grandma T. surprised Graham with a new drum the other day, and he has been jammin' to the smooth sounds of the Caribbean ever since.

A perfect pair

We have a tiny pear tree at the end of our street that has been growing fruit all summer. (We've been keeping a close eye on it.) Every day we take a walk by and now that they're ripe our neighbor lets us take a few for the road. Graham has been enjoying 1 or 2 of them a day. They are soft enough for him to practice using his new teeth and big enough to share with anyone lucky enough to be holding him.


Graham's 2 teeth are making great progress in coming in, but getting a clear picture of them has posed a problem. Luckily, Mama was here to lend a hand (or at least a few fingers!)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mwah hah hah hah hah!

The future leader of the free world has been practicing his laughs.
There's one that is downright evil.

You say Goodbye. I say Hello.

Graham greets everyone and everything with a hearty wave. It's like he's up for re-election.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Check 2 more off the list

I finished Abby's Valentine's Day gift tonight. (I told you there were a lot of old projects on my list!) It's a padded pouch for her camera (or anything else that's little). I love the black and red retro look dog print.

I also finished Graham's black and white mei tai carrier. I wish I had got on the stick and had it ready when he weighed less. It fits him really well and he enjoyed our walk around Belmont Circle in it, but now that he's over 20 lbs I definitely need to build up my back muscles (or let Papa wear it).

My favorite part is that is works equally well on the front or the back, and either way it's hand free for me. This pattern was fairly easy to follow. I added some length on the straps so both Jim and I could wear it. I will make some more adjustments if there's ever a next time, like changing the angle of the shoulder straps (since mine are abnormally narrow). But all in all, a success.

Happy Grandparents Day

We celebrated Grandparents Day with a delicious dinner and story time with Grandma and Grandpa Tourtellotte. Graham liked the books but his favorite part was Grandma's homemade gingerbread for dessert.
We're sending long distance love to his Grandma Strolin and Great Gram McSally in Connecticut and special hello to Great Grandma Shirley in nearby Gilbertsville, too!

William Wants A Doll

Free to Be You and Me was a favorite of mine (and of my sisters)-- pro-kid, pro-family, sing-able 70's tunes. I think our LP was a gift from Aunt Maria who also gave me an ERA NOW button that I was particularly proud to have. Little did she know how much we would enjoy those songs, and how often. It was a star player in the Sunday afternoon lineup (our other big favorite was a K-Tel record set called Superbubble, but that's a story for another time).

Lucky for Jim, when we got together he didn't have to learn all the songs from scratch. He knew them from the Free to Be You and Me TV special which I didn't even know existed (not so crazy, considering we only had 2.5 TV channels out in the country, but still...).

We've been sharing some of these favorite songs with Graham (remember Duddly Pippin and the No Friend Club or Ladies First?), so it seemed only natural to pull out my first baby doll for Graham to nurture. He gave her kisses and promptly chucked her across the floor. I'm going to focus on the kissing part and sing a refrain of Parents are People, so I can stay in my happy place!

Lazy Labor Day

Graham and Jim spending some down time with Isabella, Sophia and Louis last Monday.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Yoga Baby

Some beautiful music

Uncle Anthony (a.k.a. "Uncle Bacci") and Uncle Eddie (a.k.a. "Uncle Cookie") graciously helped Jim move our new piano!

There was a fleeting suggestion to leave it on the back of the truck and Jim would take them around town to put on a traveling variety show.

Luckily, the mood changed and the piano made its way inside, so Graham could entertain us all.

The piano is a Wurlitzer, (later known for their fine juke boxes) and a professional tuner estimated it was made sometime in the late 30's. What makes this even more interesting is the way the keyboard cover closes and creates a nice tabletop or sideboard.

So far I haven't been able to find any information about it on the web, but I'll keep looking.

Who knows- this may turn out to be a priceless antique, but for now the smiles on Melissa and Graham's faces when they play it is worth it's weight in gold. :)

Walk in the park

Uncles Anthony and Eddie joined us for the long weekend and added color commentary to the people watching at the park. (If they tell you we saw Michael Kors pretending to be straight, its true).
Sock monkey came along for the fun. (And you can thank me now for NOT uploading the pics of Anthony attempting to "nuture" said monkey.)

The Train Caboose was open for the festivities, so Graham got to turn the wheel just like I did when I was little (and before they encased it to protect it from vandalism).

Let them eat cake

Larger than your average balloon bouquet, this unusual hot air balloon came over our back yard Saturday morning as part of the City Centennial Balloon fest. It was terrific to see all the neighbors out in their pjs, sporting bed head, catching a glimpse.