Friday, August 15, 2008

Holy Houseguest Batman!

Naylanie wasn't our only guest last week. It all started Wednesday night. Jim was home; he woke up to the sounds of Pepper running around. He thought she was wrestling with Korky, but Korky was asleep... then he saw her chase something fluttery. Ok, well he thought it was a moth, so he rolled over and went back to sleep...

Fast forward to Thursday night. Graham and I are upstairs, doing some bedtime snuggling, you know the deal. Jim scurries up the stairs fast as his little legs could carry him... THERE'S A BAT IN THE HOUSE! Jim shuts us into the "inner sanctum" a.k.a. our bedroom to protect us from said visitor, then goes back downstairs with a king-size sheet to try to catch him. Well, after a few near misses, Jim gets him in the sheet and into a garbage bag, because as we all know you need to catch it so you can have the bat tested for rabies.

Apparently, no. Even though every sticker and magnet they hand out at the county fair says to catch them and get them tested, our county health office thinks it's ok to let him go. Even though he was in the house while we were asleep. Even though we have an infant who could not tell us if the bat bit him. Seriously. So Jim basically had to beg them to take the bat-- it took about 6 phone calls (and them telling us to keep the bat in our freezer) but they finally agreed to it... EVEN THOUGH they said they were sure it was ok.

This is a pic of a bruise I got gardening. But it could also have been from a midnight bat bite. So that's what I told everybody. For fun. ;)

(P.S. the bat tested negative. But I am still glad that we know for sure.)

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  1. Hey, I am Bec's next door neighbor and saw the link to your blog. We have had MANY MANY encounters with bats over the last 10 years (too many to count!) and the last one involved Bec & Phil. Ugh. I HATE bats. We have a major infestation. Ugh.