Friday, August 29, 2008

Craft Update

My previous goal to finish all WIPs (works in progress) by end of 2008 might have been a little more aggressive than I thought.
After actually writing out projects started; projects not started, but supplies have been purchased; and projects committed to but supplies not purchased, I had a total of 30(!!) on my list. I may need to revise my goal since I still have a child and full time job that need most of my waking hours... but I am going to do my best!

On a positive note, I made 14 bibs the week before last, several to share with friends in PA and the balance to replace the ugly plastic-back ones we've been using. So far, so good-- the cotton batting is very absorbent and the snaps are holding tight.

This past week I finished Graham's monkey quilt with a revised binding plan ... no pic of that at the moment since he's wrapped in it upstairs... but I will get one eventually. He actually seems to like it. It's a great weight, I used a piece of flannel for the batting so it's not too heavy. And it's perfect for playing peek a boo when we are hanging out in bed in the morning.

And finally, I finished the 2nd oldest project on the list-- mending a hole Pepper chewed in this cute grocery bag (a gift from Abby) the first summer we had her (Pepper, not Abby). Yes, it's been on the list for FIVE years.
While the bag is now usable and back in active rotation, my repair is quite visible. It looks like a green cloud of methane over the cow's head ;). It's a good reminder of all those funny things Pepper used to chew, like the wallpaper; my black flips flops-- always the left one so I had maybe 3 right ones and no left ones that summer; and the buttons off the duvet covers! Great, one more thing not on my list to fix but should be.... oh and the buttons on Jim's polos when he didn't quite get them into the laundry basket. She had a bad button habit. This one took 5 minutes to fix. Maybe there's hope for the other 27 items after all :).

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