Friday, August 29, 2008

New Sheriffs in Town

Timmy and Tommy Tooth are handing out candy and whoopass and they're all out of candy. Which is good because we don't want them getting cavities!
They've taken up residence in Graham's upper gum. Why he got his first teeth on the top instead of the bottom like all the other kids in the world is beyond me. But he doesn't want to eat baby food anymore, so at least they've got good timing.
(note, Graham's actual teeth are much less photogenic than the "tooth stand-ins" hired to illustrate the post)

Late Summer Fun

We enjoyed the Oneonta Tiger's Bassett Employee Night with the Monroes (poor Jim missed it because someone had to mind the shop).

It's cold here tonight but last weekend was warm enough to catch a little spray in Graham's pool, or as the dogs refer to it--Bellagio O-Town style.
Hmm, that takes me back to a very special trip to Vegas when my pal showed up at breakfast wearing her brand new engagement ring. Happy Birthday Bec! Enjoy your grown-up night on the town.

Craft Update

My previous goal to finish all WIPs (works in progress) by end of 2008 might have been a little more aggressive than I thought.
After actually writing out projects started; projects not started, but supplies have been purchased; and projects committed to but supplies not purchased, I had a total of 30(!!) on my list. I may need to revise my goal since I still have a child and full time job that need most of my waking hours... but I am going to do my best!

On a positive note, I made 14 bibs the week before last, several to share with friends in PA and the balance to replace the ugly plastic-back ones we've been using. So far, so good-- the cotton batting is very absorbent and the snaps are holding tight.

This past week I finished Graham's monkey quilt with a revised binding plan ... no pic of that at the moment since he's wrapped in it upstairs... but I will get one eventually. He actually seems to like it. It's a great weight, I used a piece of flannel for the batting so it's not too heavy. And it's perfect for playing peek a boo when we are hanging out in bed in the morning.

And finally, I finished the 2nd oldest project on the list-- mending a hole Pepper chewed in this cute grocery bag (a gift from Abby) the first summer we had her (Pepper, not Abby). Yes, it's been on the list for FIVE years.
While the bag is now usable and back in active rotation, my repair is quite visible. It looks like a green cloud of methane over the cow's head ;). It's a good reminder of all those funny things Pepper used to chew, like the wallpaper; my black flips flops-- always the left one so I had maybe 3 right ones and no left ones that summer; and the buttons off the duvet covers! Great, one more thing not on my list to fix but should be.... oh and the buttons on Jim's polos when he didn't quite get them into the laundry basket. She had a bad button habit. This one took 5 minutes to fix. Maybe there's hope for the other 27 items after all :).


I saw these cool silicone ice pop molds on another blog. Jim held me off for a month or so until I was able to find them at a more reasonable price. The best parts:

  1. you can make whatever flavor you want

  2. they don't drip on your hands...

  3. and you can reseal them and refreeze them if you don't eat it all in one sitting

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Graham, 10 months

Click to view a few pics from late July and August.

There's been a flurry of summer activity-- the county fair; a trip to Howe Caverns with the Lamont-Bhasins; a wedding; and house guests, too!

Graham's 9 month check up (7/31) went well. He was 21 lbs, 4 ounces which dropped him to 50% for weight, but his height is 29.5" -- still 95%. His head circumference continues to be off the charts. An ultrasound has confirmed there's nothing to worry about-- he just has a big brain. (phew!)

At long last we think teeth are imminent... both on top are pushing against the gums. Lest you be confused, his lack of teeth has not kept him from enjoying the finer things like homemade bread (Jim's a baker, now!) and the late summer's bounty of zucchini, blueberries and a new found favorite-- BLACKBERRIES! This boy eats everything with a smile and definitely prefers table food.


This is what happens when you forget to put the memory card back into the digital camera. Graham is clearly embarrassed by his mother's gaffe.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

ask grandma

Graham's first race car

While taking a day trip to Utica, we found a NASCAR replica being exhibited in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Although Graham liked touching it, he was not all that impressed.

The truck that towed it there however, had just the thing to make a child's eyes widen-
It was none other than Tony the Tiger himself, in all his decaled glory and Graham giggled with glee to make his acquaintance. (and he doesn't even know what the cereal tastes like yet)

I love the way his hair is blowing free in the bottom picture. I had hair once...

Hollis from Melmac!

We were happy to teach our alien friend a little about our small town lifestyle.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Well, I am finally getting back on track with my sewing projects and I am making a personal vow to complete all the half-done projects from 2007 within 2008. At the top of the pile is a stack of monkey bibs. I'd like Graham to wear them before he heads out to his junior prom, so those are going to get finished first. Here are my gorgeous boys, modelling the first one done.

Wedding in the Woods

Last Saturday our friends Kate and Nathanial got married. (The adorable sleepy boy is their son Rene; he missed the ceremony due to all the preparations tuckering him out.)

The bride was beautiful, the cake was delicious

and we stole a few blackberries from their thicket which were the sweetest and juiciest treat of all. Graham couldn't get enough!

Holy Houseguest Batman!

Naylanie wasn't our only guest last week. It all started Wednesday night. Jim was home; he woke up to the sounds of Pepper running around. He thought she was wrestling with Korky, but Korky was asleep... then he saw her chase something fluttery. Ok, well he thought it was a moth, so he rolled over and went back to sleep...

Fast forward to Thursday night. Graham and I are upstairs, doing some bedtime snuggling, you know the deal. Jim scurries up the stairs fast as his little legs could carry him... THERE'S A BAT IN THE HOUSE! Jim shuts us into the "inner sanctum" a.k.a. our bedroom to protect us from said visitor, then goes back downstairs with a king-size sheet to try to catch him. Well, after a few near misses, Jim gets him in the sheet and into a garbage bag, because as we all know you need to catch it so you can have the bat tested for rabies.

Apparently, no. Even though every sticker and magnet they hand out at the county fair says to catch them and get them tested, our county health office thinks it's ok to let him go. Even though he was in the house while we were asleep. Even though we have an infant who could not tell us if the bat bit him. Seriously. So Jim basically had to beg them to take the bat-- it took about 6 phone calls (and them telling us to keep the bat in our freezer) but they finally agreed to it... EVEN THOUGH they said they were sure it was ok.

This is a pic of a bruise I got gardening. But it could also have been from a midnight bat bite. So that's what I told everybody. For fun. ;)

(P.S. the bat tested negative. But I am still glad that we know for sure.)

A coed sleep over

We had special guests last Friday night-- Carmen, her sister Yessie and Yessie's little Naylanie (born 10/17/2008-- less than 24 hours before Graham). The babies enjoyed making some noise and sharing breakfast.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Graham had some early morning fun with Abby and Amanda at the playground. I got to sleep in.

(Thanks Sissies!)

Tilt your head to the right ...if you get a kink, blame Ab's avant gard videography style!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

While we were enjoying "smash crash" and all sorts of fair food, Graham was surveying the property with Grandpa and demonstrating his new skill, waving bye-bye!

Demo Derby 2008

Attack! Attack!

Graham is "big enough"

My former boss (and friend) Erick from the childrenswear co. "big enough" sent us this adorable outfit from his stash. Sadly, they are no longer in business but the clothes were great and it was a fun place to work. This set is double-nice -- on top of the super soft fabric and gusset in the bottom, teh screen print design features a polar bear and the number '42, which is the year my dad was born.

Martha style tack boards

A delayed post of our June "craft club" project. The results were terrific and as varied as our personalities!