Thursday, July 31, 2008

Howe Caverns

We went 154 feet underground yesterday to catch up with Aunt Katie, Shreyas, Shivanjali and Uncle (Mole Man) Mark.
Graham fell asleep (despite the voices of about 6 tours of elementary schoolers echoing throughout the caves).

From the mutal admiration society: Shivanjali told me, "I think Graham thinks I'm cute; I think he's cute, too." Of course you are both cute, have you seen your mothers? ;)

We also enjoyed some good jokes like Shreyas', "Why was six afraid of seven?"
"BECAUSE 7 8 9!" (Get it?)

Six Best Days of Summer

Tuesday was Graham's first visit to the annual Otsego County Fair. He rode a miniature horse, tasted some new treats (like Fried Dough); he tried on Mr. Jacob's fireman parade hat for size; and we all enjoyed the fireworks.

Six Second Drum Solo

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Big Apple

We had a great time fabric shopping in NYC yesterday. City Quilter was a great find and while Purl Patchwork was small they did have some amazing import fabrics I haven't seen anyplace else.

Laurel made a great lunch recommendation.

Amanda found a great way to cool off after a hot day... she dumped an entire glass of ice water on herself :) Oh Bud!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cool spray on a hot day

If it involves water, you know Graham will love it!

Fresh from the vine

The first from this year's plants. We tried the topsy turvy tomato planters ... we'll see if they can match the output of those planted in the traditional way!

Graham, 9 month photos

Graham is "growing like a weed"!
To see his latest pictures, Click Here .

Graham has his 9 month Dr. appointment coming up in a week, so place your bets now and I'll post his current growth statistics when we get them. (Think BIG!)

Cheerio, Old Friend

Whip It Good

Diaper rash on my neck

The Long Road Home

Wegman's Concert Series 2008

Graham loves Amanda

She's so cuddly, and tasty, too.

Drinks all around

We could blame the wine tasting but the craziness started before breakfast when Ethan took shelter beneath this telling awning. It only got better.

Todd tried Graham's breakfast.

Graham and Jim tried creamers.

Jeff ate a pickled egg and Amanda did an interpretive dance... all before noon!

Perhaps the highlight of the whole trip was the World Famous Drain Tile Museum. World Famous, because the free bumper stickers said it was so.

Dano's inspired lots of smiles all around the table.

Todd, let's not wait another 8 years to throw back a root beer together!

Let me hear an Alleluia

I have heard of treating your body like a temple, but your car as an altar is a new one...
Yes, that does appear to be a coat hanger crown. And yes, we did go back to take pictures.

Sunny Sonnenberg

We visited Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua with Liz and dear friends Todd and Jeff who made the trip all the way from Ohio. The gardens were really gorgeous. We enjoyed their shade and water features as well as a breeze on the mansion porch.

There were some really loud frogs near the Tea House.

And Todd gave us all a horticulture lesson on the Monkey Ball Tree.

Baseball in the Fingerlakes

We took a much needed vacation to the Fingerlakes to visit Aunt Amanda and Ethan. The first night there Graham took in his first (semi-professional) baseball game in Geneva. Side note, it was muggy which explains Graham's expression and my helmet hair.
Wierd thing about this park... you have to give the foul balls back and they give you 50 cents a piece. There were lots of foul balls. And they announced the policy over the loud speaker. Often. I was lucky to overhear 2 boys around age 7 discuss the policy. I think the younger won the debate when he said, "Hey, 50 cents is money. A ball isn't money. Plus that's the rule of this stadium."

Thursday, July 17, 2008

To satisfy the needs of his adoring fans...

After several comments regarding the lack of updates, here's a few pictures to sate the cravings. I'm beginning to think some of you may have become addicted to this kid's cuteness.
(I blame myself. Curse my cute DNA!)

Here's a picture of him showing off his fine hair. (OK, maybe it's not my DNA after all)

And finally, here's a quick video of Graham enjoying a cool drink on hot day on his splash mat.(Drinking on his own is a newly acquired skill. It is also one reserved for the outdoor splash mat for obvious reasons!)

Hope this is enough to hold everyone over for awhile. We're going on vacation and will update with lots more pictures and videos of our trip to the Fingerlakes when we return.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Here's a few more from the weekend

Here's a few more nice shots from the weekend!

Um, there's something on my head

Save a horse, ride a dog

Graham's loving this doggy from his buddy Muhammad.

Turns out, Muhammad just became a dad himself. Good luck with baby Noah, friend!


Graham mastered the open handed clap, just in time for the Fourth of July! We clapped for eating and diapers and fireworks (and even for clapping). The only clap that still eludes him is the clap for rolling over. When you are on your belly it's hard to clap.

Celebrating Independence Day!

He started out tired,

but once Graham sensed all the excitement, he had to join the party. We were afraid the fireworks would be a bit too noisy and scary but he surprised us-- Graham didn't even flinch!

Dad treated us to a real live "Paul-sized" fire to toast our marshmallows.

Abby (seen here on her belly) gets the award this year for most-dedicated as she tried to find a way to get close enough to the fire to brown the marshmallow without setting herself on fire. I think her foot may have been in the embers at one point, but it was a valiant effort none the less.

A good time was had by all!