Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sing us a song, you're the piano Graham...

While taking a leisurely stroll thru West Chester, PA while Mommy was working, Graham and I passed a quaint little music store. We went in hoping to find a Kazoo or something to help pass the time when I saw this in the window-

It was marked down, and the last one they had in stock. I bought it immediately and we trudged it home on his stroller. Melissa didn't believe me when I told her I bought him a piano, and it stayed boxed up until we got home. Graham loved hearing it in the store and was very excited to try it out himself.

Ladies and Gentleman, for your enjoyment I now present for the first time anywhere, the musical stylings of Graham Tourtellotte Strolin :

Sorry about the poor lighting. It always looks better inthe viewfinder. We'll post better shots as his practice improves.

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