Thursday, May 29, 2008

Amanda's Confession

I am almost sad to say it but, Ethan and I have tried this stuff. It is... interesting. It just tasted like beer and clamato juice. I am sure if Dad was a beer drinker he would have mixed up this doozie for us a long time ago.


  1. Ummm, I am still not sure how Dad got you guys to drink the beloved "black orange."

  2. A black orange is awesome. I may just go make myself one right now.

  3. Melissa has informed me she thinks a "Black orange" is Diet Coke and Orange juice. This sound a million times more palatable than the clamato crap.

    Anyone ever try a "Milk and Pepsi" ala Laverne and Shirley?

    Don't. Trust me.

  4. Update on the Clamato front--- I did a a little research and apparently the Mexican community has been mixing beer and tomato juice for years, so to that market segment this is apparently a godsend. Also, you can get a Bud as well as Bud Light version in certain marketplaces. Who knew?

  5. For the guys are all crazy!

  6. Hello All,
    In my drinking days 30 plus years ago. I drank beer and tomato juice for lunch everyday.

    Nothing new to me..