Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dr. Mooney and the 6 month checkup

Graham had his 6 month "well baby" check-up today and Dr. Mooney, his pediatrician, says he's in the 90th percentile in both height and weight. (28" long, and 19lbs 8oz.) His head circumference did jump higher than normal since his last visit (from 17.5 in. to 18.75 in.) so she couldn't rate it in the percentiles, but she says that it's nothing to be concerned about. I blame his Mother, Grandmother, and Aunt June for his head size. All the constant compliments and praise have obviously given him a swelled head. Dr. Mooney said he's doing well with his eating and breast feeding schedule, and has even authorized Zweiback cookies! Those pics will be coming soon. (I'm sure The dogs will love them!)

On a sadder note Graham had to get 3 vaccination shots in his legs, and was not too happy with that situation, and I lost a bet I had with Melissa regarding his current weight. I'm sure I would have won it, but he had a giant man sized poop an few hours earlier , and he "just happened" to throw up his breakfast 2 minutes before his weigh in. I suspect foul play by both Graham and his mother, but will be giving them both a footrub tonight anyway.

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