Saturday, April 19, 2008

Celebrating the "Half Birthday"

Since it was a beautiful 72 degrees out, and Mommy had to work, I decided to take Graham out for a small half Birthday adventure. After a quick stop at Wal-Mart to buy a bubble gun (They use one for "bubble time" at the end of a Library class Graham and I attend once a week, and he loves them) we went down to Neahwa Park for some swing time!

They have a set for smaller kids, and I put him in with his arms in front of the chain (thinking he'd hold onto the seat) and he looked quite happy-
But as he swung this proved to be a bit of a problem, and although he's laughing, he looked like he was going to spit up his lunch-
So after a quick adjustment, (arms behind the chains) Graham was once again in full swing, and having a ball!

We had such a great time, Mommy wanted to join in so we made another trip after she was done with work.

And now please tilt your head sideways to the left for this exciting live action footage-

We didn't have cake to celebrate the 6 month milestone, but Graham did have a healthy (or unhealthy) serving of whipped cream from our ice cream. I'm so glad the park is close to our house since it looks like it'll be a major part of Graham's first summer!

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  1. That Graham is quite a "swinger!"

    Bwaha ha. Cute pictures!