Sunday, April 13, 2008

Canadian Contraband

So a lot of you know I was in Toronto overnight for business last week--- my first night away from the baby. I was a little nervous about how he would treat Jim while I was away. I was more nervous about how I would balance client meetings with having to use my breast pump. Luckily it all worked out fine and a very sympathetic security guard even let me bring my liquid gold back over the border, despite a rule that you have to have the baby with you to be able to do it (note, this is a Canadian rule... in the US they allow it whether the child is with you or not). Graham only had one 30 minute fit the night I was gone. My meetings went well and when I returned Jim and Graham met me at the airport with tulips and smiles... after the initial flirting Graham let me know how he felt about my solo travel with a round of sobbing. I told him I understood and since then we've been doing A-OK. :)

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