Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fun at the Farm

We had a busy Sunday with Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt June and Jaci. Here's a video of some fun in the swing (yes, I had the camera right side up this time).

Now that he's mastered the sitting up thing a little better, Graham ate his first dinner in Great Grandpa Charlie's high chair (which Allie Jo thought was a buffet).

After all the fun Grandpa showed Graham the traditional after-dinner on the floor napping place.


Well, Dr. Mooney said he was ready for cookies, so here he is in all his cookie-fied glory. The sweet bib was a gift from our friend Suzanne.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

6 month photos

You can view & buy them at Shutterfly.com by clicking the link below.

Dr. Mooney and the 6 month checkup

Graham had his 6 month "well baby" check-up today and Dr. Mooney, his pediatrician, says he's in the 90th percentile in both height and weight. (28" long, and 19lbs 8oz.) His head circumference did jump higher than normal since his last visit (from 17.5 in. to 18.75 in.) so she couldn't rate it in the percentiles, but she says that it's nothing to be concerned about. I blame his Mother, Grandmother, and Aunt June for his head size. All the constant compliments and praise have obviously given him a swelled head. Dr. Mooney said he's doing well with his eating and breast feeding schedule, and has even authorized Zweiback cookies! Those pics will be coming soon. (I'm sure The dogs will love them!)

On a sadder note Graham had to get 3 vaccination shots in his legs, and was not too happy with that situation, and I lost a bet I had with Melissa regarding his current weight. I'm sure I would have won it, but he had a giant man sized poop an few hours earlier , and he "just happened" to throw up his breakfast 2 minutes before his weigh in. I suspect foul play by both Graham and his mother, but will be giving them both a footrub tonight anyway.

Busy Weekend

We spent Saturday helping Michelle and Jessie celebrate their birthdays. Jaci and Grandma kept Graham in good spirits (he was a little crabby from the heat wave).
On Sunday, Graham finally got his long-awaited, inaugural 4-wheeler ride. I was nervous it would be too noisy for his liking, but was pleasantly surprised. They went around the barn yard a few times, and Graham cried when it was over so I am sure there will be more ATV adventures with Grandpa in the near future.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Celebrating the "Half Birthday"

Since it was a beautiful 72 degrees out, and Mommy had to work, I decided to take Graham out for a small half Birthday adventure. After a quick stop at Wal-Mart to buy a bubble gun (They use one for "bubble time" at the end of a Library class Graham and I attend once a week, and he loves them) we went down to Neahwa Park for some swing time!

They have a set for smaller kids, and I put him in with his arms in front of the chain (thinking he'd hold onto the seat) and he looked quite happy-
But as he swung this proved to be a bit of a problem, and although he's laughing, he looked like he was going to spit up his lunch-
So after a quick adjustment, (arms behind the chains) Graham was once again in full swing, and having a ball!

We had such a great time, Mommy wanted to join in so we made another trip after she was done with work.

And now please tilt your head sideways to the left for this exciting live action footage-

We didn't have cake to celebrate the 6 month milestone, but Graham did have a healthy (or unhealthy) serving of whipped cream from our ice cream. I'm so glad the park is close to our house since it looks like it'll be a major part of Graham's first summer!

Good morning, World!

Yesterday was Graham's official half-birthday. Despite a stuffy nose, he woke up with a smile (like always!). We are so lucky to have such a happy child. Aunt June says she doesn't know how he does it, but every day he's cuter. I may be biased, but I am sure she is right :).

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Canada Geese prefer whole wheat

Auntie Liz came to visit us this weekend. She hadn't been here 10 minutes when Graham "christened" her during a diaper change. I still don't understand how he can get that perfect arc up over his head, but the look on Liz's face was priceless and Graham's reaction to all the shreiking was even better.

We enjoyed a nice stroll during the fleeting warm spell Saturday, and even tried to feed the geese at the park (who apparently can't be bothered to try rye bread).

P.S. Liz, you left your "christening outfit" in the dryer; do you want us to mail it to you? :)

Canadian Contraband

So a lot of you know I was in Toronto overnight for business last week--- my first night away from the baby. I was a little nervous about how he would treat Jim while I was away. I was more nervous about how I would balance client meetings with having to use my breast pump. Luckily it all worked out fine and a very sympathetic security guard even let me bring my liquid gold back over the border, despite a rule that you have to have the baby with you to be able to do it (note, this is a Canadian rule... in the US they allow it whether the child is with you or not). Graham only had one 30 minute fit the night I was gone. My meetings went well and when I returned Jim and Graham met me at the airport with tulips and smiles... after the initial flirting Graham let me know how he felt about my solo travel with a round of sobbing. I told him I understood and since then we've been doing A-OK. :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Artist and Masterpiece

Abby and Jason pose with her unfinished painting in the Sunday School room on Easter. It's been like 13 years or something. Abby, this procrastinating needs to stop.

Trombone, anyone?

Get out the blue polyester -- Graham is ready to join the marching band. He's been playing the trombone for a week or 2 but it took several tries to capture it with the camera. Enjoy! (and please excuse my husband's nipple appearance...)

Sunny Sunday

The recent change in temperature is a real delight. We took a nice walk and relaxed on the back porch yesterday. Graham wiggled his toes in the sun.

Mmm, maple syrup

Graham got his first taste of maple syrup at the Shaver Hill pancake breakfast on Saturday. We had a great time with Grandma, Aunt Amanda, and friends June and Kate and Rene (who is a huge fan of maple cream thanks to the extra big samples I was handing off to him). Big thanks to June for bringing a camera since none of the rest of us remembered!